Gemolab – Company Profile

Gemolab Ltd (since 1982) is the leading company in Israel implementing appraisals of art and jewelry items. The company provides service all over Israel, in Europe and the U.S.A.

The company employs 60 workers, among them 30 top  professionals in the field of appraisal of art and jewelry.

The company provides services to all insurance companies and to thousands of insurance agents in Israel. The company  preformed more than 1,000,000 evaluations of house properties to date.

Gemolab performs approximately 3,500 appraisals every month, including: paintings, sculptures, handmade carpets, silverware, jewelry, diamonds and prestigious wrist watches. In several cases the value of these items is very high. The appraisals are for insurance, accounting or for court opinion purposes.

The appraisals of Gemolab's experts are performed in the highest professional level and are accepted by courts of law in Israel, in Europe and American courts. In particular cases, we perform the appraisals in one of our three advanced laboratories in Rishon Lezion, Jerusalem or Haifa.

We  collaborate with the biggest accounting and law offices in Israel, dealing with inheritance, divorce,  tax declarations  and more.

Our  legal opinions are requested by the leading public and business bodies  in Israel.

Among our customers: All insurance companies in Israel ,the Ministry of Justice, the  Public trustee, the Knesset, the Israeli Police force, customs, museums, private collectors and more.

The company is owned by Mr.Lior Rosenman and Mr. Moshe Harash.